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In the Right Place at the Right Tme!

Waukesha County, Wisconsin USA


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Getting up close safely!

Catching all the news before the competition shows up.

Catching the almost impossible shot!

See what Mother Nature dishes out for us in Waukesha County.

Upside down tea pot cloud.

No photoshop here, this is a actual cloud.

Up,up and away!

Nothing like a early morning balloon race and chase.

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  • 1st Place Winner Spot News Photo by WisconsinNewsPhotographersAssocation
  • Web hits for August 113,189
  • As Paul Harvey would say "Stand by for NEWS"
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My Trail Camera Reviews

I'm in partnership with two guys, with forty acres of land in northern Wisconsin. We use this land to hunt deer or get away for the weekend. On this land we placed several trail cameras to see what is walking through our property. When we first arrive for the weekend, the first thing we like to do is pull the SD cards on the cameras. They are a fun tool to use to keep an eye on the neighborhood when we're not around. We currently have six different camera models in use and the list is growing. On my other website, I have samples of pictures and my review of the camera. This review is strictly my thoughts on the camera and how it proforms.

Here is a list of things you should have for your trail camera.

1. Energizer batteries work the best.

2. A lock box, this is a metal box to place the camera in. It helps to protect the camera from bears and even deer. It will also keep the camera from growing legs. But, then you'll need a lock and cable.

3.A SD card, depending on how you set the camera up (amount of pictures) and your time away from the camera. A 2GB is big enough, or just go bigger then you won't miss a thing.

4.All cameras come with a strap, to place it around a tree. This works just fine but, Moultrie sells EZ Tree Mounts to screw into a tree. A 3 pack for $14.00 it's a little pricey, buy they are easy to use and work on most camera's.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures and my reviews from these camera's, Moultrie, Bushnell, Primos, Browning.

One last thing, you should pay the extra money and get the new camera's that are out with no glow (flash) at night. They are called Black Out, Night Ops or No Glow. The inferred glows spook the bucks, they won't come back. The cameras also make a noise that they hear, so between that and the glow, why compound the intrusion.

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