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In the Right Place, at the Right Time!

Waukesha County, Wisconsin USA

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Getting up close safely!

Catching all the news before the competition shows up.

Catching the almost impossible shot!

See what Mother Nature dishes out for us in Waukesha County.

Upside down tea pot cloud.

No photoshop here, this is a actual cloud.

Up,up and away!

Nothing like a early morning balloon race and chase.

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  • 1st Place Winner Spot News Photo by WisconsinNewsPhotographersAssocation
  • Web hits for June 95,643
  • As Paul Harvey would say "Stand by for NEWS"
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In a Nut Shell

A list of were my pictures have been published.

  • A Day in Waukesha 1988
  • A Day in Waukesha 1988
  • American LaFrance & Freightliner Calendar
  • American LaFrance poster
  • Associated Press
  • Boeckh Insurance
  • Choise Marketing
  • Collision
  • Endura Health Drink
  • Flight for Life Calendar
  • FIRE DOGS Dog Heroes Series
  • Firehouse Magazine
  • Fire truck Nuts and Bolts
  • Friends
  • Hollywood Major Movie with Denzel Washington John Q
  • IAFF Burn Fund Calendar
  • Lake Country Reporter
  • Life Style West
  • Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
  • Milwaukee Magazine
  • Milwaukee Regional Center
  • Mock Car Accident
  • Partners with Your Community
  • Post Card
  • Professionals
  • Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin
  • Sussex Sun
  • The Storey of Fire & Ice
  • Volunteers of Lawrence Township
  • Waukesha Freeman
  • Wisconsin Fire Journal
  • Wisconsin Weather Team Channel 4 Calendar
  • Wisconservation
  • 18th Firehouse Expo
  • 2002 Fire Rescue West
  • 2000 Fire Rescue West

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